hootsuite word Bulk Upload Tool
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When a user clicks on the "Create CSV file" button, a series of macros will be run that will check for any errors.
  • Valid information will be highlighted in green, invalid information will be highlighted in red along with a comment that can be seen by hovering over the cellhighligted cells
  • The output files will be placed on the user's desktop. HootSuite only allows 50 tweet messages to be scheduled per CSV file, so multiple output files may be created. The files will be named HootSuite1.CSV, HootSuite2.CSV, HootSuite3.CSV, etc.
  • A randomize button has been included if you want to randomize your Tweet messages. The Tweet message and URL are randomized as a set.

Here's a list of conditions that the spreadsheet macros will check

  • Tweet messages cannot be duplicated
  • Tweet length may not exceed 140 characters and may not exceed 115 characters if a URL is provided
  • Double quote are not allowed in the tweet or URL
  • Accented characters may cause 500 Internal Server errors, so accented characters are flagged
  • Times must end with :05 or :00
  • Date/Times must be at least 10 minutes from the current time
  • http:// must be included in the URL

Don't waste any more time trying to figure out why your file won't upload.

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