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If you have are having trouble with this spreadsheet, here are some additional suggestions.

  1. Dates: Some users run into issues when they try to paste dates into this spreadsheet. Unfortunately Excel will paste formatting information along with the dates which can cause problems. If you are pasting information in from another spreadsheet, you might want to try pasting the Tweet messages and URLS and enter the dates manually or use a formula to increment the time.

  2. Compatibility Issues: If you are using an older version of Excel, click on the Download page for a link to Excel 97 format.

  3. Viewing CSV Files: If you want to open the CSV files that this utility creates, please use a text editor like Notepad.exe or Wordpad.exe
    Unfortunately the default editor for CSV files is Excel which automatically removes the zero padding on the dates and thus any edits or even a Save will cause the incorrect formatting for HootSuite. For example, a date like 2/24/2012 1:05 PM will appear as 2/24/2012 1:05 PM in Excel and will appear as 02/24/2012 13:05 when viewed in Notepad or Wordpad. Hootsuite requires the date format to be zero padded and thus Notepad or Wordpad is a better CSV viewer than Excel.

    Forthermore, if you notice errors in the CSV file, I recommend updating the spreadsheet file instead of trying to edit the CSV file.

  4. 500 Internal Server Errors: Evidently some accented characters can cause 500 Internal Server Errors or Timeouts with HootSuite's Bulk Schedule if the file is not encoded with UTF-8. This utility createw UTF-8 compatible files, so no need to hunt down how to encode your file with UTF-8 encoding. Here's some background on how to correct 500 Internal Server Errors if you're not using this utility.

  5. Facebook: If you want to use this spreadsheet for posting messages to Facebook, you may want to disable the 140 character limit, which is done by clicking the checkbox in cell D4

  6. Mac Users: Here's a pretty good video about how to prepare HootSuite Bulk Schedule files on a Mac with Excel.

    This spreadsheet may or may not work on a Mac. If you would like to test this spreadsheet with a Mac, please drop us a note about your experience.

    If you are using Mac Excel 2008, this spreadsheet is not going to work since Microsoft decided not to support macros in Excel 2008. The team is working to refactor the code for AppleScript but the product is not ready yet.

    If you are using any other version of Mac Excel, or Parallels or VMWare, this spreadsheet might work by by entering a directory location in cell D2. Send us a note with your experience if you're a Mac user.

  7. If all else fails and you just want help, send us your CSV file or Excel file and we'll send back your file in the correct format, no charge.

  8. Or you can just hire us to manage your scheduled tweets. By adding us as a New Team Member, we can schedule tweet messages for you. Just send us an Excel file of your tweet messages periodically and we will do the rest.

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